Subsurface / Subsoil Drainage

  • Sports Turf Drainage
  • Agricultural, Viticultural, Horticultral Drainage

Industry best practices are used to ensure a functional and long lasting drainage solution. Our experienced team utilise laser-guided Mastenbroek drainage machines to achieve perfect grade every time. The benefits of using this method over small scale open excavations are manifold; it is economical on both small and large scales, with one-pass installation saving on labour and filter material.

Mastenbroek subsurface subsoil drainage machine improving water-logged terrain


30 years experience in horticultural and commercial installation. Again, the expertise, specialised machinery and buying power Subsurface Water Management bring to their turn-key solutions offers quality and value no matter the scale.

Truck and irrigation watering at Wonnerup Turf Farm

Pipeline Installation

The versatility of being able to swing drainage machinery and personnel onto pipeline projects allows Subsurface Water Management to offer “above-specification” results.

Pipeline/trench installation/construction for Margaret River waste water distribution

Specialised Logistics

Being so specifically equipped to service large scale irrigation and drainage projects have created opportunities to tender on and win several large and ongoing pipeline and irrigator logistics contracts since 2012. The business offers a WA HVA accredited logistics arm that includes a prime mover, three trailers and two experienced drivers who know the machines and procedures well.

Truck / Road Train / B-Double / B-Triple performing irrigation, drainage, dewatering pipeline logistics

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