Subsoil Drainage Project – Langley Park, Perth, WA

Ever wondered what sports turf drainage installation looks like from above?

In March 2018, Subsurface Water Management completed the subsoil drainage of Langley Park for the City of Perth. The project was initially expected to run for three months, but with all hands on deck, it was complete in just under a month.

Langley Park has often been waterlogged in winter, even after moderate rainfall. Winter of 2018 has been very different though; this year brought the wettest August on record for Perth Metro. But where are the puddles? Down the drain, due to the new sports turf drainage system, installed by Subsurface Water Management.

The team at SWM enjoyed every minute of this project – this footage will show you why!

We’ll be posting some interesting topics on the nitty-gritty details of subsoil drainage soon.

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